March 24th, 2023

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Want to see the real world and virtual world combined into one exciting environment? Come experience the world of mixed reality and holograms.

By Omnitech
Cookie Mining

Learn about the mining industry and the steps that bring Earth's precious minerals to the surface.

By Allie Gregor
3-D Printing

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B9 Creations
Computer Engineering

Students will explore how the magic of embedded software allows us to program simple hardware devices such as an electronic name badge! By learning how to write code for these badges, the girls will understand how to create custom functions for their own unique devices. After writing and compiling the code, the girls can transfer the code onto their device by connecting it to their computer. From here, the girls will upload the program to their badge so it can interpret and execute the code.

Keynote Speaker

Smart Digital Branding by Smart Gen Society

We know growing up in today's society is hard! In a world of digital-dependency, we are connected 24/7, and sometimes it is hard to escape from the digital noise. Smart Gen Society is here to help!

Smart Gen Society is a non-profit focused on informing students, parents, and educators around the country about digital safety and awareness. They are dedicated to providing knowledge, resources, and support to empower educated users in the digital age through discussions on communication and cooperation, protecting your safety, and igniting critical thinking.

Amie Konwinski is the founder and CEO of Smart Gen Society, media use expert, and national educator, and keynote speaker.

Ellie is very passionate about public policy and legislation and is eager to make a positive change in the evolving world of technology while educating youth about how to remain safe online.

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