March 17th, 2023

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Want to see the real world and virtual world combined into one exciting environment? Come experience the world of mixed reality and holograms.

By Omnitech
Computer Engineering

Students will explore how the magic of embedded software allows us to program simple hardware devices such as an electronic name badge! By learning how to write code for these badges, the girls will understand how to create custom functions for their own unique devices. After writing and compiling the code, the girls can transfer the code onto their device by connecting it to their computer. From here, the girls will upload the program to their badge so it can interpret and execute the code.

Pizza Genomics + Diversity

Can a bioinformatician determine the metagenomics of pizza? Researchers in laboratories work hard to set up their experimental design and run the experiments which create data. The researcher in the lab work with a bioinformatician to have the results analyzed. Our scenario: We have received a pizza and have been tasked with determining the species within this pie. We will identify the DNA sequences manually and through BLAST, classify DNA sequences on a phylogenetic tree, and learn what bioinformaticians can do.

University of South Dakota
Hexbug Habbitat

Hexbugs are miniature robots that simulate the behavior of insects. Building a habitat for hexbugs involves designing and building structures that meet specific requirements, such as providing enough space for them to move around, with a few obstacles for them to navigate. This activity involves drafting, planning, prototyping, and teamwork.

Dakota State University
Keynote Speaker

My I.O.S. by Rana DeBoer

Do you know your internal operating system?  Much like your computer, it is continually running in the background, gathering, sortingand updating information that you will use consciously and unconsciously. Your I.O.S. is grounded in your core purpose and relates to every human system: mind, body, spirit.  It drives your everyday decisions, can inspire your creativity and innovation, and helps you manage your stress triggers for peak performance. Developing your personal I.O.S. is essential to everyone and is a key ingredient to a fulfilling life.  Discover the elements of an I.O.S. and how to set yours into positive motion.

Rana DeBoer is a partner and Chief Vision Officer for VOLT Strategy, where she helps organizations and business leaders build high-performing teams. She holds a M.S. in Health and Human Performance, a minor in Organizational Psychology, and multiple certificates in leadership, talent, culture, and strategic planning. She has spent her career in local government leadership, healthcare delivery and administration, and teaching and coaching.   She is an inspiring speaker focused on an encouraging “can-do, time is now, take action” message.

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