March 24th, 2023

Session Line Up


Want to see the real world and virtual world combined into one exciting environment? Come experience the world of mixed reality and holograms.

Computer Engineering

Learn how to code electronic name badges with ease by creating custom functions for your devices and transferring the code onto your hardware. Exciting, right?

Keynote Speaker

Everyday Leadership

By Molly Christianson

Many teenage girls believe that the only way to become a leader is by achieving significant recognition, such as being elected as team captain or class president, or securing the lead role in a play. However, they often fail to understand that leadership is not just about achieving these feats, but also about having the confidence to express their thoughts and pursue their goals. It is about earning the respect of others and making a difference in everyday situations.

Molly can help students discover the type of leader they aspire to be. She can teach them how to identify their strengths and the values they want to uphold in order to make a positive impact in their daily lives.


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